Charles B. Strozier, PhD

Charles B. Strozier, PhD Psychotherapy

Charles B. Strozier, PhD

Psychotherapy for individuals, and couples.

Understand your motivations, tamp down your depression, unlock your creativity, and discover what it means to lead an examined life.

Couples, and

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    “Psychotherapy can help you lead a happier, more fulfilling life. I work with clients from all walks of life, including men, women, and adolescents. I also have extensive experience with couple therapy and marriage counseling, including with same-sex couples.”

    Psychotherapy with Individuals
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    I offer confidential psychotherapy for individuals in virtual form via Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, or WhatsApp (and on the phone). I have decades of experience working with people of all ages struggling with issues ranging from depression, to identity concerns, to relationship problems, and to many other issues that interrupt the possibility of leading a fulfilled life. While I am a straight male, I am generally regarded as gay friendly. I am also a leading figure in the field with many publications and experience in diverse areas.

    Couples in Crisis
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    Couples often seek to repair their relationship through improved communication and mutual understanding. I have worked many years with couples in all kinds of acrimonious situations. In many situations, I have found couple therapy works to build new and healthier interactions. Sometimes, of course, repair is not possible. The goal then is to separate with a minimum of destructive anger.


    I like to work as well with testy adolescents who are often dragged down by depression, inadequate school performance, or a family that fails to understand them. I have treated many adolescents who grow up to lead productive lives.

    Charles B. Strozier, PhD

    I was for many years a training and supervising analyst at an institute in New York (TRISP), as well as a Professor at The City University of New York (where I am an emeritus professor). I have published scores of articles and numerous books, including the definitive biography of Heinz Kohut, the leading thinker in the creation of contemporary psychotherapy and psychoanalysis; two psychological studies of Abraham Lincoln; a book on 9/11 based on in-depth interviews with World Trade Center disaster survivors; and two books on aspects of the psychology of fundamentalism.

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